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Webster defines motto as: mot·to
Pronunciation: 'mä-(")tO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s):  plural mottoes also mottos
Etymology: Italian, from Late Latin muttum grunt, from Latin muttire to mutter
Date: 1588
1 : a sentence, phrase, or word inscribed on something as appropriate to or indicative of its character or use
2 : a short expression of a guiding principle

MacArthur Crest

Clan Arthur Motto


Faith and Work

As with ours, many of the clan mottos originate in Latin.  We feel ours is unique. Within these three words lie the power of our clan. The combination of faith and work create an unstoppable force. It has been used throughout history by MacArthurs, and has described us throughout time. It has helped found corporations, industries and countries. It has made Presidents, and has even launched MacArthurs into space. If you ever see a successful MacArthur, analyze him and you will see our motto at work.

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Clan Arthur War Cry - Eisd O'Eisd

Variant MacArthur Spellings




Eisd O'Eisd

Roughly pronounced, "Ishd O Ishd," translates into "Listen O Listen."  Quite often you will erroneously find our war cry affixed to a badge instead of our "fide et opera" motto.  The war cry was reserved for the Chief as a rally to battle.

"MacArthur", like many Scottish surnames, begins with the prefix "Mac",  which  means "Son of". Therefore, "MacArthur" means "Son of Arthur". You will also see the prefix "Mc", which is just an abbreviated version. This abbreviation is seen quite often in Scottish records, so it appears to be originally a Scottish deviation.

There are various theories as to the reason for all the many spellings of "MacArthur". Perhaps the most plausible is due to the censuses taken over the years. Usually, the only literate persons were the clerks and clergy. They were the ones who recorded the marriages and births and deaths. Being  left up to personal interpretation, it is likely that these clerks spelled the names phonetically.  Thus "MacArthur" might be pronounced as "MaKarter", then recorded as McCarter, then eventually just "Carter". Once you see the names listed below, you will begin to see what we mean.


Here are the most widely known variant spellings for MacArthur:

Arthur           MacArthur          McArthur        McArthure       MacArther      MacArtur

Carter            MacCarter          McCarter         McCartor         Makcairter      McKairtour

MacArtor      McArtor               MacArter           McArter          MacArtair       McArtair

McArtan        McArta                Maccart           Makarta           Magarta          Mcharter

          Makkarthyre          Makarturicht           McCarthair           Makarthour  


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