Clan Arthur

Piping Page

Clan Arthur Piping Page

This page is dedicated to the rich storehouse of pipers that proudly carry on the tradition of MacArthur piping. Following are some quick links that will connect you with items of interest. Enjoy!

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Piping Videos:

These are just for starters. Hopefully, we can obtain videos of many other clan Arthur pipers worldwide. To see a video, just click on it's link below, represented by its picture.                             

                                                   Dr. Dan McArthur,

                                  Co-Editor, Round Table


Peter McArthur plays Amazing Grace

Lloyd McArthur, High Commissioner, Canada to Clan Arthur performing at a tattoo at Edinburgh Castle

J.R. Arthur a.k.a. Santa Claus

(see bulletin board)

Peter McArthur-U.S. Piper, Clan Arthur

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