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Kemper County, Mississippi McArthurs and collateral families

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:41 pm    Post subject: Kemper County, Mississippi McArthurs and collateral families Reply with quote

I acquired a list of Kemper County, Mississippi McArthurs and collateral families dating back to Neal (O’Neal) McArthur, born 1768 Scotland, who migrated from Washington County, Alabama to Kemper County, Mississippi. I'm not certain, but I believe they migrated from NC to AL. I scanned an already poor quality booklet and have 5 files available in Pdf format. Email me a request and I'll send you a link to download the files.

Collateral families include the surnames; Abel, Adams, Adcock, Aldrige, Anderson, Arden, Armstrong, Ashcraft, Ashley, Atkins, Aunspaugh, Babb, Babin, Bailey, Baker, Barefield, Barlow, Barnett, Barrier, Battle, Bausend, Bearden, Belville, Benton, Birch, Bird, Birdsong, Bishop, Blackwell, Bodak, Bono, Booth, Boswell, Boudeau, Bourdeaus, Bowerman, Bowman, Boyette, Bramlett, Brasfield, Brekenridge, Brennen, Brewer, Brooks, Broome, Brown, Brumsfield, Buck, Burch, Burleyson, Burrage, Busby, Bush, Butler, Carrier, Carroll, Carroway, Cashion, Cason, Chaikin, Chalfant, Chambers, Cheek, Chilcoat, Chipman, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clements, Cline, Cluff, Coalter, Collier, Collins, Conaster, Cook, Coon, Couch, Coward, Craig, Crane, Crawford, Creekmore, Crews, Crim, Croker, Crowe, Crume, Cumberland, Curtis, Dail, Daily, Dalbec, Dale, Dalhberg, Dangerfield, Davis, Dean, Deen, Dees, Dempsey, Densmore, Denton, Dickson, Dobyns, Dozier, Dudley, Dunlap. Dunn, Dury, Earls, Eaves, Edwards, Eicheberger, Elmore, Engelkes, Etheridge, Eto, Evans, Faerber, Fain, Farris, Faulkner, Feidler, Felder, Fires, Fisher, Flake, Ford, Franklin, Frasier, Frazier, Freshour, Friedel, Fulton, Fuqua, Gaddis, Galeeso, Gallop, Gambill, Garcia, Gardner, Garner, Garrett, Gearhart, George, Gerhart, Gibson, Gilliam, Gillib, Gingress, Glass, Goad, Gober, Golden, Goodin, Graham, Grant, Greenway, Gribbs, Griffith, Grimaldi, Grubbs, Gully, Gwathney, Hales, Hall, Halling, Hamilton, Hancock, Hannan, Hansen, Hardage, Hardin, Hardy, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartsock, Heffner, Heggenbotham, Henderson, Henry, Herrin, Herring, Hester, Hicks, Hirscham, Hodge, Holifield, Hollingsworth, Holton, Hood, Howard, Huff, Huggins, Hughes, Humphries, Hunt, Ishee, Isona, Ivers, Jackson, James, Jarvis, Jdernigan, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kaeton, Kelly, Kelly, Kemp, Kersh, Kinard, King, Kline, Krieger, LaValle, Lamb, Landrum, Langley, Langston, Latham, Lear, Ledlow, Lee, Lindsey, Lockard, Lofstrom, Long, Lovorn, Luke, Lupo, Maddox, Marshall, Marshburn, Mason, Maxey, McAdory, McBrayer, McCauley, McClain, McClung, McCully, McDonald, McGarrh, McGill, McGregor, McLillis, McManus, McMurtry, McNair, McNeil, McRae, McWhorter, Merritt, Meyers, Miles, Mitchell, Moody, Mooney, Moore, Morris, Morrow, Mosley, Moss, Nation, Neeley, Newman, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickle, Nix, O’Neager, O’Neal, Orr, Owen, Owens, Pace, Palmer, Parker, Partridge, Patterson, Patton, Payne, Peacock, Peden, Peoples, Perillo, Perkins, Perry, Pettigrew, Pickle, Pierce, Poe, Poole, Poteet, Pratt, Price, Pye, Ray, Reece, Reed, Reich, Reily, Rials, Rice, Richardson, Rico, Roarse, Robbins, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Rosamond, Roy, Rushing, Sanders, Sandoval, Sanford, Sarala, Scott, Scriples, Seal, Self, Sellers, Shackleford, Shellman, Shepard, Sheppard, Simmons, Skipper, Slaughter, Slawson, Sloan, Smith, Sobral, Soules, Sparks, Spinks, Spivey, Steel, Stephens, Stevens, Still, Stoddard, Stokes, Storms, Stradley, Strong, Sullivan, Swafford, Sweetham, Swicegood, Tatum, Taylor, Tennet, Terrell, Thomas, Thornton, Tilley, Tinsley, Todd, Tranthom, Trevilion, Triplett, Turnage, Turnipseed, Tyler, Tyner, Valentine, Vandevander, Vinner, Waddell, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Ward, Watson, Watts, Weatherall, Weaver, Weese, Wells, West, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whittington, Wicks, Wiggins, Wilkes, Williams, Willingham, Wilson, Wingo, Winham, Wiseman, Worrell, Wursten, Yarberry, Yates, Young, Zamzow, Zirker.
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