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2009 4th Quarter


News From Great Britain:  

Dear Clan Members,

Hi to all Clan folks. Well another year is coming to an end. They say time waits for no man, but still where has the time gone? The Gathering of the Clans went off very well. The weather was great and it was nice to meet with so many people from around the world. I was proud of our clansmen and I think it gave all MacArthurs recognition as we marched up the Royal Mile to the Castle. The leaves have fallen here at Lochinch Castle Gardens and its leaf blowing time again. This month we cleared out the stables and had a Christmas Fair for charity. Over a thousand people attended for a great day. As always, Lorraine and I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year in 2010.

Yours Aye, Chief John

Chief John Alexander MacArthur, Clan Arthur, Clan MacArthur Society of Great Britain



News From The U.S.:

Clan MacArthur Society of the US, a Branch of Clan Arthur Scotland. 

The magic of Christmas still stirs something in me, but now I find more joy in a cozy fire, the carols, and time with my family. Each year I plan to slow down and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, but each year finds me busier than the one before. The days are slipping by so I am sitting down to wish all of you the merriest of holidays. I hope you and your family will be safe, healthy and filled with the wonder of this special season! Merry Christmas! May the Christ of Christmas bring you peace.

Faith Hurley McArthur The Clan MacArthur Society of the US.


News From Canada:


The Clan MacArthur Society of Canada, A branch of Clan Arthur Scotland. 

The Christmas Season is fast approaching with the stores all decorated for the occasion. Donna and I are busy doing Christmas cards and would like at this time to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Aye Lloyd McArthur, High Commissioner of Clan Arthur

Lloyd and Donna. Clan MacArthur Society of Canada                                                     




Movie Maker Acknowledges Clan Arthur

Cinematographer Nick Higgins and Director John McDonald on Skye.

Photo courtesy of McDonald Productions




A 9-minute preview of the film can be at



I'm a piper in the Pasadena Scottish Pipes & Drums in California, a member of Clan Donald USA and also a professional filmmaker.  As a filmmaker, I had always been looking for the perfect story to convey to the general public of what bag piping and pipe bands are all about.  The opportunity came about two years ago to tell that story in a remarkable way through the experiences of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band. The band consisted of the superstars of solo piping who came together to perform only one time, at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow in August of 2008. I premiered the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June of 2009.   

 Thank you for your support. Clan McArthur is listed among the other supporters when the end credits roll across the screen. It is a grassroots effort that fulfills the mission that we all share: the education and enrichment of Scottish history and culture. You can find additional details at the web site.  Spread the word to others who share our interests in all things Scottish.

Thank you so much!

John McDonald Producer/Director On The Day





Video on the Web:


Duart Castle


Duart Castle on Mull has come under attack – as the Fraser’s Dragoones re-enact the 1647 siege of the Clan Maclean strong hold.


Inverarary Games March


Inveraray and District Pipe Bands officially open the Inveraray Highland Games.

The Royal Burgh put in a strong claim for hosting the best one-day Highland games in Scotland with a large international field of athletes, spectators from around the world.


Oban Choir

Members of Rockfield Primary School Gaelic Choir gathered at McCaig's Tower during the Royal National Mod in Oban for a photo call and after sang one of the their favorite songs for The Oban Times.


Oban Piper

High School Piper Niall Jordon piped a farewell to Oban to the 104 boats making the first leg of the Classic Malts Cruise to Skye then Islay. Diageo organized the cruise, the largest non-competitive event in the UK.


The Oban Times

The Oban Times for the latest news from the west highlands.

The Oban Times YouTube video channel

The Oban Times and YouTube are registered trademarks of their owners. All rights to content retained by the original authors.



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2009 3rd Quarter


News From Great Britain:  

Dear Clan Members,

The International Gathering of the Clans was great, and the weather was hot. There was a great deal of interest in Clan Arthur tent from home and all over the world. I played the pipes with 2 other clan chiefs as Prince Charles entered the gathering site from the Holyrood Palace gardens. The tune played was "The gathering of the Clans 2009" which I got the pipe major of our wee group to compose. After playing the tune, I presented his Royal Highness with a signed copy of the music score. The march of the clans up the Royal Mile was a very proud moment for myself and everyone of Clan Arthur who marched behind me. There were many people in the crowd shouting "Here come the MacArthurs." Some were shouting "John" as we passed. Many of them had either seen me at the gathering or in the papers and on national television promoting Clan Arthur and the clans of Scotland. After the parade on castle esplanade, there was a theatrical performance given by over 300 artists performing the history of the people of Scotland who left and returned to Scotland to find their roots. The pageant ended with a penultimate performance by over 130 pipers and drummers.

We also had the clan convention on the Friday which was hosted by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs in the Scottish Parliament building. Many great discussions were made about the clan system and how to promote the clans of Scotland worldwide.

Yours Aye, Chief John


News From Canada:

The Clan MacArthur Society of Canada, A branch of Clan Arthur Scotland.  The Clan Gathering and Homecoming on Sat. 25 and Sun. 26 of July was a tremendous show.  Our Canadian Massed Pipes and Drums together with seven other Pipe Bands from Scotland and Europe opened the celebrations by playing in front of His Majesty Prince Charles before he gave the opening address.  Our separate Bands then entertained throughout the two days.  Our Band lead the second group which was a fantastic thrill to be in a Band piping Clansmen up the Royal Mile in the first ever gigantic Clan Parade in Scotland's history.  At the end of the Pageant all the Bands marched out of the Castle down across the Esplanade and down the street to end the show and another great thrill. After the big event our Band performed at various cities around Edinburgh.  It was a great three weeks to be in Scotland. 

Aye Lloyd McArthur, High Commissioner of Clan Arthur



News From The U.S.:

Clan MacArthur Society of the US, a Branch of Clan Arthur Scotland.  The Gathering in Edinburgh was two exceptional days of celebration of Scottish heritage and being a part of our global MacArthur family.  On Friday night, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of the representatives of Clan Arthur at the Weatherspoon Pub on George Street, Edinburgh.  At the Highland Games in Holyrood Park on Saturday and Sunday, our Clan Arthur tent offered a welcoming and impressive display of information for the visitors to the Clan Village.  The Scotland Lives presentations of Scottish DNA and family research, Mary Queen of Scots, etc., were very informative.  A significant part of our time Edinburgh was the Clan Parade up the Royal mile to the Edinburgh Castle esplanade.  Processing past large crowds of spectators, this extraordinary march with clan banners and participants from all over the world generated great pride for Clan Arthur's visible role in this historic event, and represented a homecoming that cannot be duplicated!    Mary Raye Casper


Video clips featuring the 2009 Edinburgh Gathering of the Clans


Deepwater Productions has provided us a link to their YouTube videos featuring the March of the Clans on the Royal Mile. High Commissioner Lloyd McArthur/Canadian Mass Pipe Band and Chief John MacArthur can be seen briefly marching at 2:44 and 3:50 minutes respectively.

Here are some other interesting video clips featuring the Edinburgh Clan Gathering.


Professional video from Holyrood Field


The Holyrood Mass Pipe Band


Holyrood Field timelapse 1


Holyrood Field timelapse 2



King Robert the Bruce DVD video set

Hello Dan, some good video on the website, well done.  My name is Willie Stewart from Ayrshire, Scotland, In Common with all Scots, I am passionate about my heritage and I simply love to share the wonderful scenery, history, music and culture of our beautiful country.  My company Deepwater Productions has spent the past 18 months with our latest production.  "The Bruce Trilogy" ( is an historic three DVD boxed set which brings to life Scotland's greatest warrior king, Robert the Bruce.  Deepwater Productions, is a Scottish based video production company specializing in documentary films about Scottish history.  These informative, involving and entertaining videos are packed with spectacular Scottish scenery, lovely songs and music, and fascinating interviews with local experts.  In them, you will also discover the mystical power and revelations hidden in the real stone of destiny, which was motivation for Edward 1st invading Scotland.  "The Bruce Trilogy" production is now on the market.  If you would like to see trailers of the videos and to purchase this set of DVDs then got to

Yours from Scotland, Willie Stewart


King Robert the Bruce video trailer


Deepwater Productions: Scottish history brought to life.




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2009 2nd Quarter


News From Great Britain:  

Hi to you all. The past winter in Scotland was colder than usual with a lot more frost. We are still very wet but the meteorology office tells me it has been historically drier over the last few years here at Castle Kennedy Gardens. This is my busiest time of the year getting all the planting done in the garden for the summer display.  There are two of us in the garden plus a grounds man who keeps on top of the grass cutting. There is a lot to do over the 75 acres and not enough hours in the week.

I expect some of you will soon be attending highland games and I hope you all enjoy them. At the end off April a group of Newfoundland MacArthurs came over to Scotland for the homecoming. They played fiddles and pipes, and joined the singing at ceilidhs around Scotland.  All had a good time!  I have appointed Hugh DP McArthur as Clan  Seannachie.    

The Gathering of the Clans 2009 is getting closer and we now have 20 marching with me up the Royal Mile in the Parade of the Clans of Scotland. Lorraine and I are looking forward to meeting you there. We hope you all have a great summer.    Yours Aye, Chief John


Taynauilt Gaelic Choir

The award winning Taynauilt Gaelic Choir was formed in January of 1997 and are known locally as 'A' Choisir Bheag Thoillichte' (The  Happy Wee Choir). They compete at the annual Royal National Mod and at various provincial mods throughout the year, but above all they sing for the sheer enjoyment and what better reason for singing could there be?


Where to get The Taynauilt Gaelic Choir’s Album

Fo Sgail Beinn Cruachain

The album has a varied program of songs and tunes showcasing the choir's versatility. Solos, duets and the full choir perform traditional and more recent songs including a Runrig track given a very different feel. The choir are known locally as 'A' Choisir Bheag Thoillichte' (The  Happy Wee Choir). They compete at the annual Royal National Mod and at various provincial mods throughout the year. 


Previous Interviews of Current Interest

In the 2008  2nd Quarter issue of the Round Table we interviewed the Rev. Michael MacInnes of Glasgow’s St. Columba Church. Rev. MacInnes is also a Royal Mod Medal winner and the voice of our Lord’s Prayer in Gaelic video. That interview and the video may be found here.



Calum MacArthur featured in album.

Calum MacArthur of Glasgow performs track number 14 - ‘O Righ nan Dul’.




Calum MacArthur ( 1940-2009) of Glasgow, Scotland



Doctorate added to list of honors.


On Wednesday, May 6, 2009, Astronaut William S. (Bill) McArthur was awarded a Degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Bill was recognized for his achievements in space, and his contributions to the Scottish Space School. Four other candidates for honorary degrees joined Bill. Professor Andrew Hamnett, Mr. Derek Casey, Mr. Jeff Fergus, and Mrs. Frances McMenamin also received their degrees for extraordinary achievements in education.


Links to University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Make plans to attend "The Gathering, 2009."


Filmmaker seeks help with funding.

A 9-minute preview of the film can be at

Filmmaker-piper and Clan Donald USA member John McDonald of South Pasadena, California, is still searching for enough funding for his documentary on the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band for a premier and ongoing screening of the movie in Scotland in the summer of 2009.  Entitled ON THE DAY, the documentary follows the band during its one and only week together in August 2008, as the group of more than 40 pipers and drummers assembled and practiced for the Grade 1 World Pipe Band Championship at Glasgow Green.  McDonald and his crew followed the band almost every step of the way, from initial meetings, to practices, to receiving uniforms, and ending with the band’s celebration after the August 16th contest.  Apart from initial funding from a private party that enabled McDonald and a cameraman to travel to Scotland, he has not obtained additional money, outside of relatively small contributions from the piping and Scottish-American community. He says that the total budget for the film is more than $200,000.

The project has non-profit status through a fiscal sponsorship with the International Documentary Association (IDA), making contributions tax-deductible for US residents. Donations can be made via the IDA website, and McDonald has just launched a website specifically for the project at A $100 donation gets you a credit in the film’s titles and a DVD, and for $200 or more you will additionally receive a collectable Spirit of Scotland cap badge.



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2009 1st Quarter


News From Great Britain:  

Hello Everyone, we are already a couple of months into another year. Lorraine and I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. We, as always, had a very good holiday with all our family around us. It has been a very cold year but so far no snow (much to Lorraine’s disappointment). Our Snow Drops have started to bloom in the garden and a good many people are visiting the trails. I would just like to say that Lorraine and my self are thinking of all the people in Australia who have been caught up in the bush fires especially if their are any MacArthur’s.  Just another wee reminder about the 2009 July Clan Gathering in Edinburgh.  I am looking forward to marching with all MacArthur’s up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle. You make us a clan to be proud off. I have now appointed a new High Commissioner for the U.S.A to represent me for all MacArthur’s from all organizations in America.  He is Robert “Cincy”  McArthur.

I hope everyone joins with me to wish him luck in this position.

Yours Aye Chief John MacArthur


Cool Links


A Conversation with

Mary McGrigor, about Anna Countess of the Covenant

Faith Hurley McArthur, The US MacArthur Society of Clan Arthur

Recently I visited Lady Mary at her home on Loch Awe and spoke to her about her new book. Lady Anna MacKenzie lived an extraordinary life shaped by the Civil Wars of the 17th century. In 1640, at the age of 19, the famed beauty married the Earl of Balcarres. Widowed by mid life, Anna married Archibald Campbell, the 9th Earl of Argyll, and moved to Inveraray Castle. She would live well in to her eighties.


A Conversation with

MSP Sir Jamie MacGrigor about the New Tartan Bill, the New Tartan and the State of the British Economy.

Faith Hurley McArthur, The MacArthur Society of the US

Tartan and its history are important to Scotland and her people. In 2007 I spoke with MSP Sir Jamie McGregor about his Tartan Bill that was making its way through the Scottish Parliament. Jamie has a MacArthur connection. He owns and farms Ardchonnel, the estate above Innischonnel Castle, and he is married to Emma Fellows. Lady McGrigor grew up on Innistrynich, the ancient ancestral home of the MacArthur chiefs. That interview may be heard on the site. In early October of 2008 the bill passed and an official register of tartan was passed.  Recently I visited Loch Awe and sat down with Sir Jamie. We had an interesting and thought provoking conservation about the bill, the new tartan and the state of the Scottish economy.


Niall Iain MacLean Retires as Head Inveraray Castle Guide

Faith McArthur

 Faith: Niall Iain, I understand you are retiring as Head Campbell Castle guide at the end of this season

Niall Iain: Aye, that is correct. This season, which ends 31st of October, will be my last. Because, believe it or not, March of next year I will be 80 and I need to spend some quiet time.


Ardkinglas, The Movie Star Mansion Video Finally Finished

Dr Dan McArthur

I have finally finished the Ardkinglas video and, as you can see from the photo, I have a small part. Standing in front of the camera is not my favorite place. When  Faith, Daniel or anybody else with talent seems to be in another universe, the task defaults to me.


Barcaldine Castle is located 9 miles north of Oban off the A828 near Benderloch,Argyll. 

Dr. Dan McArthur:  The castle has an indirect MacArthur connection. During the mid to late eighteenth century JohnCampbell of Barcaldine purchased and acquired large tracts of MacArthur Loch Awe  land.  Recently, while researching an article for the Round Table, I  came across a note about Barcaldine. The castle is for sale.  We contacted Lady Campbell and received the following reply. 

We have a web site for accommodation at the castle and I am attaching a photograph from that.  The castle is actually for sale and we have the following small piece of information appearing in the Clan Campbell magazine spring edition:

Barcaldine Castle, Benderloch, near Oban, Argyllshire is the ancient seat of the Barcaldine Campbells, a branch of the Breadalbane line.  Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy ‘Black Duncan’ built the castle in 1591.  The present owners Sir Roderick Campbell 9th Baronet and his wife Caroline have refurbished the castle over the past 15 years and have opened it for paying guests (  With the changing needs of their family in mind the Campbells have now decided to sell the Castle and it is being marketed through Savills in Edinburgh +44 (0)131 247 3711 (contact: Jamie McNab) at offer over 1.35million GBpounds.  The castle has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a magnificent Great Hall, 2.5 acres of grounds with stunning views across Loch Creran, a dungeon and 2 secret passageways.

Kind regards,

Caroline Campbell

Barcaldine Castle


Oban, Argyll   PA37 1SA


Canadian Amber Dawn MacArthur is a Rising Web & CableTV Star

Dr. Dan McArthur

Amber Dawn MacArthur, a native of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, has a degree in Journalism and is a Canadian television and net casting personality. She produces a video pod cast for CommandN and co-hosts one of the TWiT pod cast Network’s net@night. Amber is well known for the series Call for Help, but has also hosted on Torrent and Gadgets and Gizmos for G4techTV Canada. She worked for more than a year for Citytv’s CityNews and CP24, and has recently returned to the now CTV-owned CP24 as New Media Specialist.  If any of our young members are fans of  the cable/satellite network channel G4 or its predecessor TechTV, you may be familiar with Amber’s work. She is a prolific and successful new next generation tech savvy news reporter.

 I recently contacted Amber about a picture and  information for this brief bio. Although she had recently taken a short break from her broadcasting duties for the birth of her first child, a son named Connor (February  8th), she responded almost immediately on her beloved Blackberry. If Connor is anything like his mom, he will soon rate his own computer and cell phone.    Dr. Dan McArthur  or